December 23, 2013 | by NASCAR Dave
Danica Patrick Gets Ripped for GoDaddy

Danica Patrick and GoDaddy have done it again! With the Super Bowl just around the corner in early 2014, GoDaddy is already preparing their next mega commercial with the NASCAR superstar. Just when you thought the commercial couldn’t get any crazier, the domain giant demanded Danica get in shape — by adding on 75 lbs of muscles. Watch behind the scenes of the future GoDaddy Super Bowl ad with Danica Patrick in a muscle suit!

About Super Bowl Commercials

The NFL World Championship game aka The Super Bowl has always depended upon the kindness of advertisers to keep things running smoothly but Super Bowl advertising is now an interesting event on its own. In fact many viewers watch the game more for the crazy commercials than the touchdowns. The first major Super Bowl to gain lasting national exposure is the ’1984′ Macintosh Computer ad from Apple. From that f on, major brands have spent literally millions of marketing dollars for their 15 seconds of fame. With the goals to keep the brand in front of the fans mind after the game is over, companies will pull out all the stops and even be controversial in order for American football fans to remember them. Sometimes it works like the Budweiser clydesdales that make their annual Super Bowl appearance year after year. Sometimes an advertisement results in a backlash like the infamous Ashley Madison commercial. GoDaddy has tried many times to make great advertisement for the Super Bowl and they finally met their muse in Danica Patrick.

Danica Patrick and GoDaddy: Match Made in Heaven

Ever since the first commercial featuring Danica Patrick aired for GoDaddy fans and customers can’t seem to get enough. This is why the 2014 commercial will be so anticipated. Usually you will see Danica Patrick in a hot sleek bikini but this year she will literally look like the powerhouse she had become both in the racing world and the entertainment world. Watch the funny video below to get a sneek peek of what Danica and GoDaddy are planning next.

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